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The question is not if you should detox, it's whenGenetics, environmental exposure, and unhealthy diet and lifestyle can negatively effect how well you excrete toxins to which you are exposed. This creates a build-up of toxins in the body leading to an increase in toxic burden. Chronic inflammation underlies most chronic disease of modern times, that's because we are marinating in a sea of toxins.

Our 10 and 28-day detoxification programs are science-based metabolic detoxification which support the body’s natural ability to cleanse and purify. They include premier, research-based formulas that have a long history of successful clinical use. Nutritional support is provided to enhance your body's detox pathways for a truly safe and effective detoxification.


Metabolic detoxification is a multi-phase process. Most toxins are fat-soluble and cannot be easily eliminated from the body. An appropriate detox requires many body systems functioning together for proper elimination of toxins. To accomplish this, the detox pathways must be supported with very targeted and specific, high quality amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 


Our packages include:

  • 3-Phase diet and liver supplement formulas enhanced for alkalization, cellular protection & heavy metal metabolism

  • Antioxidant and vitamin kidney support plus specific foods that boost kidney and liver detox function

  • Strategically structured food plan designed to reduce the impact of processed foods and excess simple sugars